Pós-Doc, 2016-2018, CICS.NOVA, FCSH/UNL 

Eduarda Ferreira

Research project

ICT/technologies are increasingly pervasive and embedded in everyday things and objects, constituting a relevant aspect of social identities. Furthermore, ICT use continues to be a highly gendered area of life in all socio-economic and educational backgrounds, and a source of significant social inequality in enduring ways. This research project aims to explore the embodied relationship between gender and ICT, informed by feminist technology studies, based on the understanding that both gender and technologies are social constructions. Considering that technologies are increasingly pervasive and embedded in everyday things and objects, constituting a relevant aspect of social identities and that research often reports on “ICT gender gap”, our aim is to investigate how do technologies affect and are affected by gendered practices. The main goal is to study how individuals construct their relations to technologies, with a special focus on how gender makes a difference within this construction. The ‘Gender@ICT’ is a project with a qualitative methodological approach, based on face-to-face individual semistructured interviews and group interviews with teenagers and ICT teachers, developed in a school context. The interviews are focused on how gender relations are materialized in technology, and on how gendered identities, discourses, and technologies are simultaneously produced. This project explores the interrelations of gender and technologies in an educational context acknowledging that young people’s gendered identities have an impact on future educational and career patterns, particularly in relation to science and technology. The ‘Gender@ICT’ project aims to improve the understanding of the co-production of gender and technologies, advancing ways to promote gender equity.


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